Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gay Marriage: An ethicist speaks

The latest debate in the USA concerning the "Defense of Marriage Act" and it's possible repeal is hot in Congress now and will continue.

The Catholic voice is not silent concerning the "Defense of Marriage". It has been presented in various forms from the very sober and rational to the heated and ridiculous. And, of course, it has been applauded and attacked from many sectors.

It's an incredibly deep and conflicted subject. I'm speaking of "sexuality" in general. It's not easily dismissed or answered in a few words. Each of us is "sexual" and our faith has something to say about sex specifically in light of the transmission of life. Sex is procreative before anything else.

I ran across this piece today from Australian-Canadian ethicist, Margaret Somerville. It lays out fairly well the position of the Church but strays away from being overtly religious. By no means is it perfect but it is worth a look. Here's a bit of it that is food for thought:

"... children have an absolute right to be conceived from natural biological origins, that is, an untampered-with ovum from one, identified, living, adult woman and an untampered-with sperm from one, identified, living, adult man. This, I propose, is the most fundamental human right of all.
Children also have valid claims, if at all possible, to be reared by their own biological parents within their natural family. If not raised by them, they should know who their parents and other close biological relatives are. And society should not be complicit in depriving children of a mother and a father. We must consider the ethics of deliberately creating any situation that is otherwise."