Monday, May 23, 2011

The Surfing Servant

Surfing, the whole culture of the 60's surf culture, has not been very attractive to me. I do like some of the art and themes that come from the era but the athleticism and lysergenic pedigree sort of turns me off. 
However, after seeing this program in HD on teevee a few years back, I was  a tad enamored with the idea of surfing.

Narrated by Jeff Bridges and with some beautiful exotic scenery, it made surfing and the surfer lifestyle seem like something I may enjoy, if not peripherally. Listening to the surfers speak in their poetic way about being one with the wave and all that gave me a greater zeal to try it. Although I am not the most disciplined person nor dexterous, I wondered if the palms and mountains of surf locations would be at least good for the soul.

I'd put the idea out of my mind until the other day when I ran into a skater who was nursing an injury. I told him about "Chasing the Lotus" and how surfing and skating had a common origin. He told me that I should try it with the old adage, "You're not getting any younger". So I started thinking of it again. I looked at a few sites with classes in surfing began to imagine which of my friends I would want to join me (those who could stand the sight of me hanging ten in a skintight Body Glove outfit).

So anyway, this came in the mail today and proved to me that maybe I should either do this before I get older or just hang it up. Please, scroll down with caution:

No really, that's an actual ad. And from a good company, too. Personally, if I wanted a silver-headed, spiritual surfer to lure me into some trip, it would be this one:
Silver Surfer 3