Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer School

If, for whatever reason, you stumbled on this site, WELCOME to the Ole Miss Summer School Session, kiddies!  Whether you are a freshman who is knocking out a few courses before fall, a die-hard student getting on the fast track to graduation, or someone who would rather sit in a stuffy, science lab during the summer than be under the gentle protection of Ma and Pa, WELCOME.

St. John's doesn't sleep for the summer, folks!
Mass: Daily MWF 12:10pm and T TH 8:30am

Confessions by appointment and before Sunday Masses (see sidebar)

Enjoy Oxford while you can get a seat at a restaurant within five minutes, find a spot to park on the Square and enjoy a summer matinee without Courtney, Hillary and Bethany talking on their cellphones to Chad, Jason and Justin.

And a little lazy summer music for your listening pleasure...a one, a two and a threeeeeeeeeeee....