Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pray for the Mississippi

From the Clarion-Ledger:
"If worst-case scenarios prove true, flooding in the lower Mississippi Delta could put Rolling Fork and other towns underwater. 'We're not talking a 100-year flood,' said Peter Nimrod, chief engineer for the Greenville-based Mississippi Levee Board. 'It's way beyond a 100-year flood.'
Flooding could also hit the towns of Valley Park, Onward, Anguilla, Cary and Mayersville.
On Tuesday, Gov. Haley Barbour requested President Barack Obama declare 11 Mississippi counties as disaster areas in anticipation of major flooding. Those counties are Adams, Bolivar, Claiborne, Coahoma, DeSoto, Issaquena, Jefferson, Tunica, Warren, Washington and Wilkinson."

Other states affected by flooding are in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Please pray for the citizens of those areas and for our government officials. Despite what Led Zeppelin says, prayin' may do us some good...

Someone asked me just which saint do we pray to when it comes to floods? Seems there's several:
St. Christopher (who may or may not be a saint)
Columbanus is also the  Patron of Bikers
St. Columbanus (who also worked the miracle of multiplying steins of beer...really)
St. Florian (who also is the patron of firemen)
St. Gregory the Wonder Worker (who also in legend saw the vision of Mary, mother of God-theotokos, first)
There's also Hermengild, John Nepomucene, and Our Lady of Zapopan.

And this prayer comes from

Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we call upon You,
and grant unto our supplications a calm atmosphere,
that we, who are justly afflicted for our sins,
may, by Your protecting mercy, experience pardon.
Through Christ our Lord.