Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just plain awesome.

A good friend pointed this story out to me on Yahoo Sports:

Saints owner Benson shows the pope his Super Bowl ring.

And in case you've never heard of the Fisherman's Ring (mentioned in the linked story above), here's a little bit of info about it. Popes (just like all bishops) have worn a special ring on their right hand for hundreds of years. While it has become a sign of their office in the Church, the wearing of a ring began with a very practical purpose: in past centuries, these rings were used to seal important documents and Church decrees.

The ring that the pope wears is a gold ring called the "Ring of the Fisherman" because on it is a depiction of St. Peter casting his net. The pope's name encircles the image of Peter. When a pope dies, his ring is immediately removed and destroyed by the Cardinal Camerlegno, the man who acts as head of state for the Vatican during interim time between popes. This is done to prevent the ring's use to seal false documents or decrees after the pope's death.

Here is a picture of Pope Benedict's Fisherman's Ring, which has considerably less bling than the Saints Super Bowl ring below it.