Monday, May 9, 2011

Godless Russians?

 It used to be fashionable to talk about the "Godless Russians". However, since the fall of the Soviet Union, there has been a remarkable, yet slow moving, resurgence in faith. The Christian Science Monitor reports:
"Two decades after the collapse of Communism, Russians are more likely believe in God than are citizens of any other European nation, according to two recent surveys.
The Public Opinion Fund found that 82% of Russians believe in God, while a recent Ipsos survey put the figure at 56%--higher than that of Poles (51%), Italians (50%), Germans (27%), and Swedes (18%)."

However, despite having more faith in a God, there is very little participation in Christian religious practice, especially the ancient Orthodoxy.
"There is no doubt that Orthodoxy is the traditional confession in Russia, but only a small part of those who call themselves Orthodox actually go to church regularly, mark the festivals, or practice the rituals," says Vladimir Gurbolikov, deputy editor of Foma, a missionary magazine published by the Orthodox Church. "The problem is a lack of information in society. People do not have normal communication with the Church and are unable to establish it, and so they do not know the Orthodox Christian faith even if they identify themselves with it."

The article continues:"Several countries, including Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States clocked in as significantly more religious than Russia."

So, in the Marvel Universe:

Godless (even though Thor is a god...kinda)

Less Godless
Even less Godless
Super less Godless...USA! USA! USA!