Thursday, March 24, 2011

Have You Seen the Abortion Van?

The "Abortion Van" from a visit to Illinois
  I was talking to a young lady yesterday and she asked me just before I hung up, "Oh, hey, have you seen the abortion van?"
"The what?"
"The abortion van. There's a van riding around town that has pictures of what abortions are really like. I'm all for that dude. Good for him."
"Yeah...yeah. I thought you meant...something else. It's graphic alright but y'know, it takes what it takes. I saw those same pictures and the movie "The Silent Scream" when I was a kid. Can't forget it."

The "abortion van" is in town and has been on campus promoting the "Personhood Amendment". The organizer is nationally known anti-abortion activist, Dan Holman.
The DM captured photos of the audience and Dan Holman yesterday

The DMonline has more here and here. (Props to Catholic Trent Nichols in the big manga cat shirt!)