Friday, February 18, 2011

For your Friday...

We're heading into another weekend - and what a beautiful one its shaping up to be! Ole Miss baseball is in the air and there is a definite feeling of Spring-come-early around these parts. Personally, I'm blessed to have a lot of my family in town for the baptisms of my daughter and my niece/goddaughter this Sunday at the 11:00 Mass (y'all come!).

In the interest of leaving the week on a happy note, I'll leave you with a hilariously ingenious video which celebrates the departure of a not-so-great attempt at a Catholic hymnal. The video's creator writes: "With the new Mass translations coming out this year, the 'Gather' hymnal will sadly become obsolete. With that in mind, I composed a tribute medley to some of the best songs contained therein. Unfortunately, I didn't have a hymnal around when I was tracking this, so I did the best I could to remember the lyrics from memory. Enjoy!"