Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adoration "Panis Angelicus"

Tomorrow is the First Friday of the Month. Traditional Catholics regard the first Friday as particular in that Friday was the day our Lord died on the Cross so we as his chosen, honor him with special acts of love and devotion. Devotions on the First Friday come from the 17th century as a young nun was instructed by an apparition of Christ to ask Catholics to receive Communion on the first Friday of each month for nine months.
You may believe or not believe the legend but it has been time tested that when one spends time with Christ, good things happen. We offer the following to you:
Mass at 8:30am with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to follow until 12:00pm. What is it? It is a special time of reflection and prayer spent before the host outside of the tabernacle. Catholics do anything from meditation to the rosary to praying a series of prayers. Some even bring devotional books to read while in adoration.

And don't forget an act of Penance. You may either refrain from fleshmeat (poultry or beef) or do some extra act of mercy in honor of Christ. Give blood. Visit the hospitalized. Call someone you've been estranged from. Give away some of your old but usable clothing.

Give of yourself. Give some time. Give a care about your FAITH!