Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow Day, Snow Day: 'S No day, 'S No day

Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow, we celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all. God rest ye, merry Gentlemen (and women!).

However, continuing my Grinchy-ness, here's what I consider to be the BEST of the secular during this holiday season. Starbucks ad featuring "snow day". I can almost see this taking on and somewhere in the future, some child will ask, "Papa, why do we fly kites from August to December?" And the father will add, "Son, one time, there were Starbucks on every corner and people would bring their laptops and sit for hours listening to Billie Holiday CDs while discussing the issues of the day such as actress arrests, what civil right is being impinged upon and how Starbucks sucks. Today, there are just a few Starbucks left but we still remember."


And here's somewhat of a eye-searingly, sentimentally mindblowing video by Mariah Carey and her mom. Mom has some good pipes as well...

And if you want a traditional REAL Christmas..MASS and all? Come out tonight at either 4pm or 6:30pm or tomorrow morning at 10am(or do today and tomorrow!). Venite Adoremus!