Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Grinch: Santo Subito! Where Fr. Joe Gives Props to the Green Thing.

Heaven help us! From Bill O'Reilly, to his doppleganger Stephen Colbert, to the media's report, report and report (just to name a few) it seems that "OH NOEZ! WE WON'T HAVE TEH CHRISTMAS!!11" is an international dilemna.
First, I don't care. Take "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty" and even Nativities out of the the schools and malls and rest stops and whatever. I. Don't. Care. One less garish yard to see. Good riddance.

"Hey, this baby just asked me what I wanted for Christmas!"
Second, Whatevs. Go on and call it a "holiday" season. Don't call it "Christmas". Don't care. Christmas begins on the eve of December 24th and the "season" ends with the Feast of Our Lord's Baptism. It doesn't begin on the day after Halloween. It doesn't end after the presents are unwrapped on December 25th. That's so not Christmas.

Zombie Halloween Christmas action figure. Pfft..who would want that...really...who..oh who?
Third, for the cranks and pastors and ministers and pundits and those who say "CHRISTMAS IS TOO COMMERCIAL", fine. Keep those kids out of your yard and write letters to the editor about how the JC Penney ads are too risque what with the women's sleepwear section. Be as grumpy as you can be. Grr. But it doesn't change anything for Catholics as far as Christmas. We KNOW it's Advent. We don't forget it. We light candles to make sure we show others we remember it. We celebrate Christmas by going to MASS (Christ-MASS? Keep the Mass in Christmas!).
Before the liberals, in the ol' days Christmas was about Jesus and family and...oh, nevermind.

Here's my fantasy and probably will come to fruition. If it does, I'm a freakin' prophet!
"A bowful of jelly?"
 The commercialization of the so-called HOLIDAY season will continue as the religious moorings are removed. Once when the basis for the season is eradicated, things will change. Like some of our secular "holidays". Really, when's the last time you really remembered the war dead on Memorial Day? Really.
Sooner or later, someone will say, "Why am I at WalMart buying plastic cr@p for my relatives on a deadline for December 25th?" And someone will reply, "Iunno. We just always have done it." Then one will say, "No more. I'll give plastic cr@p when I'm ready to. If ever." And then, over a short period of time, we just have winter without a brief interval involving fake tinsel, blinky lights and blow up Snowmen in yards.
Tony Danza, you don't have to steal Christmas. Just take it. Take it, my mulleted Santa.

Just think of it. At one time, in many countries, every "Mass" day ( or "mas") was celebrated with revelries and songs. The "holy days" (holi-days, get what I'm saying?) were days of rest and feasting. People may have exchanged gifts, proposed to their mates, delivered goods to the poor or worn special outfits. These were Christian days of celebration! And then, someone took the Christ out of them and people quit after a while. It's like having a Grove Saturday without football. Sooner or later, someone will say, "Why are we here?"

But we Catholics will always celebrate our Mass days and Holy days. We will always "egg up" on Easter, Hallow down on "Hallow's Eve" and Christ on Christmas.

Good ol' Black and White Christmas! The way God intended it.
 And I'm all for it. Keep Christmas Catholic and enjoy the Holiday Season (while it lasts).