Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How's your 'stache coming?

Day three of 'Stache for Cash is upon us. Most of you got to see my awesomely bad 'stache on Sunday. And it has done my bidding.... netting dollar by dollar for Interfaith Compassion Ministry (ICM) from people who just have to ask "what's with the mustache?"

Turns out, I'm not the first in my family with some rocking face hair. I've found old family photos that prove my point.

Here's my great grandfather, Benjamin Edgar Noel with a 'stache to die for back in the 1890s:

And here's his dad, my great-great-grandfather, George Washington Noell (he was the last in my family with two "L"s at the end of our name). A man who farmed the land, chased the famed Newt Knight with the Confederate cavalry in the Civil War, and still managed to groom the coolest whisp of chin hair you'll ever see back around 1880:

So, it seems that I was destined by genetics to grow this enviable mustache. And all for a great cause! I hope you'll not be shy this week in asking for donations for ICM. They need it worse than your lip needs a hair blanket in the November breeze!