Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vandalism is colon open parentheses

Vandalism sucks. This past week, someone(s)pulled up the light fixture in front of the Church and threw it at our St. John's sign.Some possibilities: There is a Hulk and he hates Catholics.

But he's one of my top 3 favorite superheroes so that can't be true.
"Agnus Dei SMASH!!!"
 It's Halloween week and some goth-devil-worship kids were out on a demon raising spree!
Kneel before the DARKNESS!
But that can't be right because it would take some really strong arms and with all that blood-letting, non-activity and bacon, they couldn't possibly have done it.
Kneel before the TRUMPET SECTION!
Maybe, just maybe, an overzealous fraternity prank after the glow of bid day?

Doubt it.

Whoever did this probably had no real good reason. But it's costing us. It costs us money and time. It also is one more thing that makes people worry about the freedoms and liberties offered in this town.

Really? A church sign? A light fixture? Get a life, man.