Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Stache For CASH: the plan

Brad announced at Mass today our latest (AND GREATEST) fundraiser for ICM (Interfaith Compassion Ministries): 'Stache for Cash.
Now here's the plan:
1. All who are interested, start growing those 'staches. Beards, fu manchus, soul patches, whatever...all acceptable.
A Menu of Beards and 'Staches

2. From November 8th (Mon) to November 12 (Fri), wear your 'stache proudly with your official 'Stache For Cash sticker on your lapel, t-shirt, or Member's Only jacket. Wherever it can be seen.

Proposed lapel sticker
3. When someone asks about the sticker or makes a comment about the rockin' 'stache, you tell them that you are proudly bearing lip spinach because you want to help the poor in Lafayette County and Oxford. Then ask them to kindly donate. Maybe donate more if they touch your 'stache. Always say "Thanks" and with a wink and gun-finger if you want.
4. Collect your donations and bring them to Brad no later than SUNDAY November 14th. There will be a prize for 'staches and donations. There will also be one man named: KING 'STACHE.

Be that guy.