Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7, 1751: Same as it ever was

Today the Church honors Mary as "Our Lady of the Rosary". The day has it's origins in a Christian victory over  hostile Muslim forces due in large part to the intercession of Mary through the Rosary.
Paolo Veronese: The Battle of Lepanto
Curiously, this day also marks the 9th year anniversary of the War in Afghanistan which some similar parallels can be drawn.

Catholic priest-chaplain leading a service in Afghanistan.
Equally intriguing is this story of this young English solider who confesses that his Rosary saved his life from a land mine explosion in Afghanistan. Read this compelling story here.
UK soldier Glen Hockton seen with a Rosary around his neck.
 I suggest praying the Rosary today for peace in our country, our world and our Faith.