Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mascot Mania!

The big one is here! Today is the infamous voting day concerning the new Ole Miss Mascot!

The choices seem to be a draw between:
Teddy Ruxpin (with a Nutt Hat)
The Human Being From "Community"
And a Landshark (in a Nutt Hat...and is just a football thing.)
Old school trivia: Landshark was a skit on the old Saturday Night Live...when it was funny.
Although the Catholic Church has no opinion on the mascot, I myself have decided to go with an unannounced candidate. Something that is enduring in Oxford, ever-present, all popular with the ladies and gents and seems to be both fun, strong and sometimes too hot to handle.
I present my own mascot idea for Ole Miss:

Viva Los Rebels! And don't touch the plate, it's hot!