Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D'oh-minus vobiscum! Homer Simpson, Doctor and Saint.

Not sure if this is a Catholic all.
Ok, maybe not "doctor and saint" but the Vatican's daily paper L'Osservatore Romano in the October 16th edition calls Homer Simpson a "true Catholic".
L'Osservatore Romano is the Vatican's Official paper
The article cites The Simpsons family as a family who prays and attends church. The paper also applauds the themes of the show that are religious in nature such as forgiveness and eternal life.
The online edition of L'Osservatore Romano has not been updated but you may read about it here.
Seems he's got the Catholic Mass dress code down!
 In true Catholic fashion, the episode that got the attention of the Church was aired in 2005 when Homer and Bart convert to Catholicism. The paper reportedly lauds the program for showing "postmodern man's" struggle with faith.
I am Catholic Homer?
 L'Osservatore Romano does not reflect official Catholic teaching and, like most diocesan papers, does not reflect the opinion of the Vatican officially nor the ordinary (bishop) of the diocese. So, don't go thinking Pope Benedict is scripting his homilies from episodes of "The Simpsons". He is probably like everyone else...he quit watching the show 15 years ago.