Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Cheer Report: Session Three

The front of our new shirts.
Soul Food = The Eucharist. Get it?
Last night at Good Cheer we talked about prayer in college. Here are our four important prayer facts: 1) a prayer life is essential to the Christian life (in other words, it's not a luxury, it is vital), 2) learning how to pray is simple (it is a conversation with God in which we talk and listen), 3) even the smallest amount of faith will grow with prayer (yes, really) and, 4) prayer really is compatible with everyday life (anyone can fit prayer into his or her schedule - you've just got to do it!).

We also handed out the brand-spanking new CCM "soul food" t-shirts. Remember, Good Cheer is the place to get your free shirt. Next Wednesday, Fr. Joe will be our guest and we'll talk about "How to Get Over Yourself and Be Happy." Make plans now to be there and invite at least one friend to come with you!