Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Col. Reb's passing spawns a "have to have" t-shirt

Col. Reb's passing (i.e. the end of his licensing) last week went off with just a bit of fanfare. But in the fray, one t-shirt marking the occasion has out-swanked all the rest. And I really, really want one of those t-shirts. In fact, I need one of these shirts. Absolutely have to have one. Too darn clever. I just know Mr. Ousley wants to pass one my way. Maybe we can work out a trade for a Southern Fried Catholicism catfish tee? You know where to find me, Andrew.

Who (or what) will replace the old colonel? The jury is still out. We all know that it won't be Admiral Ackbar (regrettably?), but at least we got a cool ESPN promo over the concept. And props to Sparky for a great cameo!