Friday, September 10, 2010

Christian Cheese

When it comes to Christian art and culture, it's sometimes embarrassing to admit how far we've drifted over these past few decades from our age-old emphasis on "timelessness" and "organic development." Nevertheless, in an effort to find the silver lining in the dark cloud that passes (in some aging circles) for "relevance", we here at Southern-fried Catholicism hang our heads low and would like to take this opportunity to highlight some ridiculously low points in Christian art, architecture and culture in a new series we're calling "Christian Cheese." We hope you enjoy forehead smackingly sad  examples of Christians trying their darndest to be "with it."

Without further adieu, installment one: the enigma that is "Christian rap."

Watch out, Jay-Z. I give you, awkward white guy, I mean Carman:

Then there's this gem:

And, lastly, no horrible Christian rap list would be complete without this painful remix of Sirmixalot's Baby Got Back. Yeah. They went there.