Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing: Good Cheer!

Through the Mass, we are nurtured, spiritually, wherein the Lord gives himself to us in bodily form, as our spiritual sustenance. Through weekly events such as the Sunday Night Spaghetti Supper at St. John's (which will return on Sunday, Sept. 12th, BTW) we are able to fellowship with one another, strengthening those important bonds of community and friendship. Through service events, we have the opportunuty to give back and serve others. But there was something missing in the CCM schedule: an event which aims to help us learn more about our Faith, devoted to answering tough questions, building our Catholic identity and doing all of this in a laid-back atmosphere. Enter: Good Cheer!

Good Cheer is the brand new outreach of CCM. Each week, we'll have a guest speaker who'll cover an interesting topic dealing with faith and/or morals. It will be fun, relaxed and informative. Best of all, it is open to everyone. The more friends you can bring with you, the better!

This week's topic is: "Spirituality or Religion? Does it Matter?" It's happening on Wednesdays at The Library: Bar & Grill from 7 until 8pm. If you need a map to The Library, you can find one here. See ya there!